About Home With Minimalist Architecture

Designing model of a minimalist house require a reference from a variety of architectural style that is the current trend. But keep in mind that the style of emulated architecture should be support and comfort needs of the home owner, so it is not just only following trend. MINIMALIST is a pattern of thinking, working, and a way of life. It is a new perspective in viewing design as a reflection of urban way of life (very practical, lightweight, efficient, and management simplicity).

Minimalist model also comes with a character more clearly (the shape and geometric space simple), better (solid), and more strongly with the empty spaces (little ornaments and furniture). The principle is the simpler; the quality of design, space, and resolution of the structure must be getting better.

However, it should be noted too minimalist will become sterile, single appearance, and tend to be boring. For that we need to understand together how the development of a minimalist home base in the context of urban culture.
Model of a simple house (minimalist) does not always have a simple box, but also can be shaped platonic geometry to be part of the landscape that “suddenly” pops up. However, if the house form is only required a box, then the box shape is the result of a process needs a function, not because of coercion or talkative follow trends. Minimum is the ultimate ornament. Minimum must be objective as well as ornament itself is simple and pure (simple and pure). Minimalism means multifunctional space and sequential optimization.

What type of materials used should be as little as possible?
The use of materials such as wood, brick, stone, glass, exposed concrete, or steel can also appear pure. Exposure to the dominance of certain materials would produce different effects. Design and calculation of detail structure can save the use of building materials with optimum results. The use of bright colors (red, orange, yellow) in some areas of exposure will strengthen minimalist model of a simple house and make it the focal point of the environment.
Isaminimalist homehave to be expensive? Foryoung couplesoryoung executiveswhocravea minimalisthouseasthesymbol ofthe life ofthe metropolis, limited fundsobviouslybecomesa majorobstacle. The modelemphasizesthe form ofa simple housedesignminimaliststraightforward, plain, simple, uncomplicated, compact, andspace efficiency. Expensiveorcheapa building isdeterminedby thematerials used. Completion of the workneatandfull ofenergydemandsskilledandexperiencedcraftsman thus affectinglabor costs.

Minimalist impression also appears on the attitude of the architect, with the approval of the client as potential occupants of the house, to “voluntarily” reduce the various needs that are not important. Only the essential functions of the house are maintained so that if the house is impressive minimalist, it is simply the result of a process. Not the ultimate goal. The beauty of minimalist home occurs from the purity of the optimal function itself.

Is a minimalist home comfortable to live in?
Minimalist house will obviously feels comfortable to live in an urban society that completely practical, functional, lightweight, economical, and efficient, because minimalism is the embodiment of their lifestyle, according to the needs of their function. Minimalist is a symbol of the metropolis lifestyle. A simple way of life in total.

Home furnishing is following the basic geometric shapes of buildings, efficient, and function. A careful arrangement of light and artsy (floodlights, lamps planting, hanging lamps, garden lamps) makes the house look more artistic in the evening. Simple minimalist home model will continue to grow along with the creativity of architects, design innovation, and supported technological sophistication. Creating a minimalist home appearance will always be present with new breakthroughs that are fresh, the more perfect detail, and a more affordable price. The presence of minimalist homes just a medium of communication between architecture and landscape with a form of contrast between natural and man-made things (culture).

Several Aspects That Must Be Considered In Building A Comfortable Home

Building a house is not only concerned with the aesthetics of the building, but also should pay attention to the comfort ability. Each people want to have clean, beautiful, and comfortable. However, a lot of people only stare at the beauty of the design. In fact, comfort is a major factor.

To set up a comfortable home, there are several aspects that need to be considered. First is building construction; building must have a strong foundation and construction, safe, durable, easy to maintain, there is electricity and water networks, and fire resistant.
The second is health aspect; that is able to support the health condition of each occupant. Examples of this aspect are lighting in each room and not humid, fulfillment of water network, waste disposal, and so on.

The third aspect is convenience; which is intended to allow occupants to reside comfortable and easy to do activities. This convenience includes the smoothness of existing facilities in the house. All facilities must work perfectly. If there is damage, it must be repaired immediately. For example, if there is damage to water installations, it must immediately contact the nearest professional plumber. You who live in Katy, Texas, may contact Plumber in Katy TX.

Next to be considered is about the environmental compatibility, which is to provide beauty of the home environment. This can be done by gardening, provide lighting and so on. Home environment that is healthy, beautiful, and livable can provide many positive effects for the residents.